Guidelines for authors

General information

STM–SJM is a peer-reviewed online journal publishing articles in fields of music research such as music history, music theory and analysis, organology, ethnomusicology, sociomusicology, music aesthetics, music criticism, music education and artistic research in music. The journal aims especially to present research concerned with music in Sweden and the other Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland). The journal accepts contributions in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English and German. Abstracts should always be in English.

Submitted articles will be subject to double-blind peer review.

Besides scholarly articles, the journal also accepts short contributions in the form of book reviews, contributions to discussions and obituaries.

Authors will not be remunerated for published contributions.


  1. The recommended length of articles is 10 000 words or less. In certain cases, longer articles may be accepted. Articles should not have been previously published nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  2. Authors should use the following version of the Harvard style of referencing: In deviation from the guide, however, ‘p.’ and ‘pp.’ should be followed by a space before the page number (as in ‘p. 35’). When referring to a succession of pages, the complete page numbers should be given (as in ‘pp. 123–129’). In headings, only the first letter of the main heading should be upper case (as in ‘Musical works, recordings and their digitisations: new philosophical types’).
  3. Articles should be submitted as e-mail attachments to the editor-in-chief. The materials should be distributed in separate files. Two files, both in Word format, are mandatory:

File 1 should include

-       the full title of the article

-       a summary in English of the article (abstract) of no more than 200 words. The content and style of the abstract should conform to the RILM guidelines

-       a list of 5–10 keywords

-       the complete text of the article, including captions to numbered illustrations and music examples (if applicable). Notes, if used, should be placed as footnotes (not endnotes), Since the articles will be reviewed anonymously, the author’s name should not appear anywhere in the file.

-       a list of references in alphabetical order (see the style sheet, accessible via the link above)

The name of File 1 should be identical to the main title of the article (no author’s name)

File 2 should include

-       the full title of the article

-       the name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number of all authors

-       brief biographical notes on the author(s)

The name of File 2 should consist of the author’s surname followed by the main title of the article

Additional materials (figures, tables, other illustrations and musical examples), all of which must be adapted to the width of the text-face (12.5 cm), should be submitted as separate files. All such materials should be sent as TIFF or PDF files with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi (for line drawings, for instance facsimiles of scores, 1200 dpi).  The names of such files should indicate type of material and number (for instance, ‘Music Example 1’, or ‘Table 2’), corresponding to the caption in the main text.

Sound files (for the online version) may be included. These should be submitted in one of the following formats: wav, mp3 or mp4.

  1. Authors will receive one proof. Changes other than corrections of misprints will not be accepted, except by agreement with the editors.
  2. Upon publication, authors will receive a PDF file as offprint.
  3. By allowing their articles to be published in the journal, authors also consent to open access publication on the journal’s website.

Short contributions (book reviews, contributions to discussions, obituaries)

  1. The recommended length of short contributions is 12 000 characters or less. In special cases, longer texts may be accepted.
  2. For references, the style specified in the section ‘Articles’ (item 2) above should be used.
  3. Contributions should be submitted as e-mail attachments in Word format to the editor-in-chief (in the case of book reviews, to the review editor). In addition to the full text of the contribution, the file should include the name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number of all authors.
  4. For book reviews, no title or heading is required. The initial paragraph should consist of full bibliographical details on the reviewed book, in the following order: names of all authors or editors, year of publication, full title, place of publication, publisher, number of pages and ISBN number.
    For obituaries, the heading should consist of the name of the deceased followed by years of birth and death.
    For other short contributions, a heading may be chosen by the author.
  5. By allowing their texts to be published in the journal, authors also consent to open access publication on the journal’s website.

Guidelines updated in August 2020 (revised in June 2021).


Sverker Jullander (, editor-in-chief

Eva Sæther (

Sven Bjerstedt (, review editor